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Basic Watercolor

Held at Synchronicity of London, 9 E. High St.

Summer Session: Saturdays – June 1 & 8, 1-3pm
COST- $40 which includes BOTH sessions. Ages 12-up (under 12 by approval)

In our first 2-hour class students will learn about watercolor paint, papers, and brushes. We will discuss different techniques and uses of this medium. They will create a color wheel with watercolor paint to familiarize them with this medium.

In our second 2-hour session students will complete a watercolor painting using a combination of wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques. If time allows we will create a second painting on a different type of watercolor paper.

LIST OF SUPPLIES (supplies can be professional grade Grumbacher, Windsor & Newton, etc… or Dick Blick on Sawmill Rd in Columbus is a very good alternative in my opinion)

  • FOAM CORE sized 20″ x 16″
  • PALETTE for storing and mixing paint (there are many sizes but a small one will do for starters)
  • PAPER Use any watercolor pad, block, or loose paper with a weight of #140 or higher, cold press. The heavier the paper, the less likely you’ll have to deal with the war-page of the damp paper while painting. Canson, Strathmore, Fabriano, all very good!) Size should be around 12″ x 18″. You can also buy large sheets and cut down to size.
  • BRUSHES sable watercolor brushes (otherwise buy the best synthetic or synthetic-blend brush you can find. Round liner brushes – #1 or 2, round brushes- #6, #10 or 12, #18 or 20, a fan brush.
  • WATERCOLOR PAINTS  (also add Payne’s Gray… there are sets that can be less expensive so if colors are close to these go ahead and buy)